Russian invasion: Ukraine: dead and injured after new Russian attacks

Russian invasion
Ukraine: dead and injured after new Russian attacks

A building near a front line in Kharkiv, badly damaged by multiple Russian shelling. Photo: Felipe Dana/AP/dpa

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According to Ukrainian sources, four people were killed in Russian attacks in the Kharkiv region alone. In the Cherson region, the enemy tried to break through the defensive line.

After new Russian attacks, Ukraine has reported further deaths and injuries in several regions of the country.

A railway worker was killed and four others injured when five railway stations were shelled, the state railway company said on the Telegram news channel. In the Kharkiv region in the east of the country, four people were killed and five injured by Russian shelling on Monday, the governor of the region, Oleh Synyehubov, said on Telegram.

Four more civilians were injured in the city of Kharkiv. A twelve-story house also caught fire, two floors were completely burned out. Shelling was also reported from the north-eastern Ukrainian region of Sumy. The region’s governor, Dmytro Schywyzkyj, said that this was done from Russian territory to the town of Bilopillya. There are no injuries or damage.

From Krivij Rih, the hometown of the Ukrainian president, it was said that the shelling there had recently become “significantly” stronger. The local military chief Oleksandr Wilkul wrote this in his Telegram channel. Russian units tried to break through the defense line that was still in the Cherson region. However, they were unsuccessful. However, an increase in refugees from the Cherson region is recorded.

Kryvyi Rih is located north of the southern Ukrainian metropolis of Cherson, which was the first large city to be occupied by Russian troops at the beginning of the war. In recent weeks, Kryvyi Rih has been repeatedly hit by rockets. Wilkul said on Sunday that the city was preparing for a Russian attack in the coming days. The information could not be independently verified.


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