Russia repeats aim to take Bakhmout, UN worries about ‘future generations’

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news of the day

Video of a soldier who appears to be Ukrainian, shot dead after shouting “Glory to Ukraine!” “, moved to the highest point in Ukraine. This Tuesday, the army swore that it would avenge this soldier, who would be from the region of Zhytomyr. “Revenge for our hero will be inevitable,” she said on Telegram.

“According to preliminary data, the deceased is the soldier of the 30th mechanized brigade Tymofiï Mykolayovych Shadura”, she indicated. Brigade spokesman Anatoly Iavorsky told AFP that the 41-year-old soldier was mobilized in December.

The body of the soldier is in occupied territory and his “final” identification will only be possible after his recovery and expertise, said the army, while the media mentioned the identity of another man.

statement of the day

The rights of Ukrainians will be affected for generations to come, and the impact of the war on fuel and food prices, as well as geopolitical tensions, are affecting people in all regions of the world. »

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, deplored the serious consequences of the war in Ukraine. During his speech at the Human Rights Council session in Geneva, he stressed that the conflict “has led to civilian casualties and destruction on a shocking scale”.

“The rights of Ukrainians will be affected for generations to come, and the impact of the war on fuel and food prices, as well as geopolitical tensions, are penalizing people in all regions of the world,” said he said, calling it a “betrayal of the promises of change” made in the aftermath of World War II.

The number of the day

10. Like the number of Leopard tanks that Poland will deliver this week to Ukraine. “We are ready to launch a maintenance center in Poland which will repair and maintain the Leopard tanks delivered to Ukraine,” said Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, adding that he intended to raise the issue during his talks with German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.

He also intends to discuss “the low availability of spare parts” with the German Minister of Defense. “I am counting on Minister Pistorius to use his influence on German industry so that spare parts for the Leopards are delivered. Poland had already delivered four tanks on February 24.

The trend

On Tuesday, Russia said it would fight until it took Bakhmout, the epicenter of fighting for months in eastern Ukraine. If the strategic importance of Bakhmout is debated, Moscow affirmed that the capture of the city was decisive in the continuation of its operations.

“This city is an important node [des lignes] defense of Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass. Its takeover will make it possible to carry out new in-depth offensive operations against the defense of the armed forces of Ukraine,” Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told a meeting of officials from his ministry.

On the Ukrainian side, as speculation of a withdrawal grew, the authorities announced on Monday that they were not giving up on the city and would instead send reinforcements. According to Ukrainian officials, this battle serves to weaken the Russian forces, which suffered very heavy losses there without gaining a decisive advantage.

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