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The deserter dilemma

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Cars queue to enter Finland from Russia at Finland’s most southern crossing point Vaalimaa, around three hour drive from Saint Petersburg, in Vaalimaa, Finland September 23, 2022. REUTERS/Janis Laizans REFILE – CORRECTING DATE


In Germany, politicians are calling for unbureaucratic protection to be offered to conscientious objectors from Russia. But security risks speak against it – and the resistance of some EU countries.


Markus Balser, Kai Strittmatter and Hubert Wetzel, Berlin

After the Kremlin announced that 300,000 reservists had been called up, many men tried to break away from Russia. At the border with Finland, the number of Russians entering the country suddenly doubled on Thursday compared to the previous week, according to border guards. Long queues formed at other external borders, such as with Kazakhstan.

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