Rugby player Yannick Jauzion joins the team of outgoing president Carole Delga

Yannick Jauzion in a field of ginseng. – France Ginseng

“You have to know how to refocus on your values”. Between his rugby career in Toulouse stadium and his agricultural roots in Tarn, Yannick Jauzion is a heavy recruit. The former international announced on Tuesday his first foray into the field of politics, in the team of
Carole Delga (PS), the outgoing president of the Occitanie region, candidate for re-election in the ballot on June 20 and 27.

After Vincent Bounes, the media director of Samu de la Haute-Garonne, the head of the list continues to unveil his running mate of civil society “connected with reality”.

Want “concrete projects”

The former international, known for his calm and discretion, Carole Delga emphasizes that he has “the taste of others”. And a CV that doesn’t just come down to fine essays. The one who ended his sports career in 2013 is also an agricultural engineer. He reconverted by creating the only company producing ginseng in France with products sold in pharmacies under the premonitory brand “Les jardins d’Occitanie”. “It is important to be well as it should be on its bases and I want to work for my territory, in concrete projects”, explains the son of farmers of Vénès, thus competing in the Tarn for these. regional.

For the record, Yannick Jauzion finds at the turn of this new adventure the family of his coach Guy Novès. The latter’s son, Vincent Terrail-Novès, leads a centrist list supported by La République en Marche.

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