Ruby Rose: Why did she really leave Batwoman?

Ruby Rose
Why did she really leave “Batwoman”?

Ruby Rose left the Batwoman set in 2020.

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Ruby Rose made serious accusations against the creators of “Batwoman” on Instagram and described the reasons for their departure from the series.

Ruby Rose (35) hung up her “Batwoman” cape in May 2020 after just one season. Now she has reported in several Instagram stories about the alleged reasons for her departure from the series – and raised serious allegations against the broadcaster The CW, Warner Bros TV and the production company Berlanti Productions. “Enough is enough, I’ll tell the whole world what really happened on the set,” she began her statement, in which she then accused the makers, among other things, of not being allowed to cure an injury long enough, despite the corona pandemic was continued and that her complaints about her co-star Dougray Scott, 55, were not taken seriously. “I wouldn’t go back to the show for any money in the world,” she concluded.

Warner Bros TV has already responded to the allegations, stating that Ruby Rose had to leave the series following an internal investigation into “multiple complaints about workplace behavior” against the actress. Further collaboration was therefore rejected. Such an investigation has been rumored for a long time, but has not yet been officially confirmed.

Rose had previously only commented cryptically on her departure. In May 2020, Rose wrote of an Instagram video that shows her as Kate Kane aka Batwoman in various scenes: “It was not an easy decision, but everyone who knows why knows why,” was the vague phrase. “I stayed quiet because that was my decision until now.” Rose had repeatedly emphasized how important the series and her role in “Batwoman” was. The title role is the first lesbian superhero with her own series, which was embodied in the person of Rose by a lesbian actress.


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