RTL removes “Summer House of the Stars” from its program

The stars’ summer house will be canceled on Thursday.

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TV broadcaster RTL removes the “Summer House of the Stars” from its program: Due to a soccer game of the German national team, RTL will not show a “Summer House of the Stars” on Thursday (October 21, 2021).

Since the new season comes “The stars’ summer home“Not even a week im TV, but three times. Fans can look forward to a new episode on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Not this Thursday. Because of a football game, the Cologne broadcaster is making a program change. Extratipp.com from IPPEN.MEDIA reports.

RTL announces new program for Wednesday and Thursday evening

“Due to the short-term broadcast of a soccer game, both the summer house episode 9 and the summer house live talk will be canceled next Thursday (October 21),” announced the official Instagram profile of “The summer house of the stars”. The broadcast of the ninth episode has therefore been brought forward to Wednesday, October 20th. Following “RTL Direkt”, a second episode of the Stars’ Summer House will run from 10:35 pm to around 11:35 pm: Michelle finally defends herself against Mike“If you talk to me like that again”).

The start times of the other programs in the night from Wednesday to Thursday and Thursday to Friday will be postponed accordingly. Episodes eight and nine are already available on TVNOW on Tuesday (Das Sommerhaus der Stars (RTL): The broadcast times on TV and TVNOW).

The new program at a glance

On Wednesday evening, two episodes of “The Stars’ Summer House” will run. The first episode, as usual, at prime time. The second runs at 10:35 p.m.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
8.15 p.m.The summer house of the stars – fight of the celebrity couples (episode 8) / as planned
10:15 p.m.RTL Direkt / as planned
10:35 p.m.The summer house of the stars – fight of the celebrity couples (episode 9) / program change
11.35 p.m.stern TV / time shift / shortened
12:35 a.m.RTL night journal / time difference
01.03 a.m.RTL Nachtjournal – The weather / time difference

“The Stars’ Summer House” is canceled on Thursday evening. Instead, for the first time ever, there will be three live games by German participants in the UEFA Europa League in one evening.

Thursday, October 21, 2021
8.15 p.m.UEFA Europa League: countdown / program change
9 p.m.UEFA Europa League: 1st half – Eintracht Frankfurt – Olympiacos Piraeus / program change
9.45 p.m.UEFA Europa League: Mid-term analysis / program change
10:00 p.m.UEFA Europa League: 2nd half – Eintracht Frankfurt – Olympiacos Piraeus / program change
11 p.m.UEFA Europa League: highlights and summary of the other games / program change
11.30 p.m.RTL Topnews / time difference
12:15 a.m.RTL night journal / time difference
12:48 a.m.RTL Nachtjournal – The weather / time difference

No “summer house of the stars” on Thursday: This is how the fans react

A whole evening without the “summer house of the stars”? And that of all things because of a soccer game. Not understandable for many trash TV fans. But many fans are conciliatory: “Moving forward is good. Otherwise I would have been mad. ”And the fact that the episodes will be available in advance on TVNOW also calms the minds. “Cool! Tuesday then simply bang all three with TVNOW Premium ”, enthuses one fan.

The official “The Stars ‘Summer Home” account reacts to fans’ comments

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Still, not everyone is happy with the new airtime. Above all, the fact that the second episode is supposed to run until 11.35 p.m. on Wednesday does not go down too well with fans. “Those who have to work don’t like this change in favor of football,” writes an Instagram user. While another is already preparing for the full roar on Wednesday evening: “Two episodes in a row. You have to get through that mentally first. I’ll meditate before! “(Summer house of the stars: These are the candidates of the fifth season)

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