RTL Capital Festival: Politics meets show business

The RTL capital office celebrates – when Jenny Elvers suddenly meets Friedrich Merz

In his welcoming speech, Stephan Schmitter (r.), Chief Content Officer of RTL Deutschland, found, among other things, clear words on the draft of a children’s food advertising law from the Ministry of Food

© Annette Riedl

Politics meets show business: The RTL teams celebrate with 350 guests, star, Capital and n-tv the Berlin editorial festival. Highlights and photos of a lively evening over the rooftops of the capital.

At half past nine it suddenly stands Jenny Elvers behind Friedrich Merz. The actress taps the CDU leader on the shoulder from behind. The two know each other; Merz once did an event with her, which apparently went so well that Elvers then joined the CDU. “So, are you party hopping?” Elvers asks the Christian Democrat. “Only today,” says Merz. A few laughs.

Thursday evening, the roof terrace of RTL’s capital office is full, 350 guests have come. The RTL News teams, star, Capital and n-tv have invited people to the editorial party. A festival that is different than many others in the capital: political celebrities mingle with actresses, producers are there and series stars. For a few hours, worlds that otherwise don’t come into contact so often merge.

“A nice evening with GGSD – good conversations and exciting discussions,” wishes Stephan Schmitter, member of the management team of RTL Deutschland, to the guests present.

Désirée Nick invites Philipp Amthor

The entertainer Désirée Nick is already talking to Philipp Amthor, the CDU member of the Bundestag. Nick would like to invite the Christian Democrat to one of their formats. Amthor thinks that’s a good idea in itself. “But I don’t do anything like a golden shower,” he says and laughs.

Half the federal cabinet is around the corner. Boris Pistorius, the defense minister, is one of the first members of the government to arrive. Karl Lauterbach, the Minister of Health, is also there. The Minister of Research came, Bettina Stark-Watzinger, and Hubertus Heil, decried as a party animal in the SPD, also mingled with the guests.

Of course, the Chancellor also came, with a black patch over his damaged eye, we know that now. A few days ago, Olaf Scholz was injured while jogging, but he’s recovering, so he spends a few relaxing late summer hours over the rooftops of Berlin with water and white wine.

Olaf Scholz at the RTL editorial party

Scholz seems to be in a good mood, so good that he simply tells those present again the contents of his Germany pact, with which he surprised the opposition on Wednesday. By the way, he seems to have gotten used to the flap now. Every now and then he moves it so that a little air can reach the eye, otherwise it sits.

For many politicians, the appointment is a good opportunity to switch off during a hectic week; after all, things were getting hot in the Bundestag. Some have already saved the date for a long time.

Ricarda Lang, for example, the Green Party leader, was a big fan of the RTL series “GZSZ” as a teenager and was reportedly looking forward to getting to know some of the series stars in person for days. It just so happens that some of them arrive early. Wolfgang Bahro, for example, or Jörn Schlönvoigt. The Green politician also meets Ulrike Frank, her favorite actress in the series, on the terrace. They talk and find out that Frank is from Lang’s constituency. There are coincidences. “The most beautiful summer festival I’ve ever been to,” enthuses Lang.

Stefan Schmitter warns politicians

There is also a bit of friction. Stephan Schmitter from the RTL management team has brought a clear warning, at least to the politicians who are present that evening.

A “completely nonsensical bill” is currently circulating through the traffic light coalition, namely the bill banning advertising for unhealthy foods. Journalism is “exposed to great risk” as a result of this plan; the law endangers media diversity and media freedom. Schmitter says: “The economy in Germany and we as a media company do not need any further restrictions.”

In front of him, some traffic light politicians look a little confused. But a few minutes later it works again. Celebrating together doesn’t mean that you don’t share your opinion with each other.


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