RTE plans to increase electricity consumption

Avoid blowing the watts. It’s winter and it’s cold. Nothing surprising, moreover, it is even rather reassuring. However, the drop in temperatures in Hauts-de-France is causing an increase in electricity consumption. As such, the Electricity Transport Network (RTE) activated, this Thursday, the “yellow signal” on its
Ecowatt website to encourage energy savings.

“Due to the drop in temperatures, electricity consumption in the Hauts-de-France region will increase from Thursday, January 13,” RTE warned in a press release. Nothing serious it seems, even if the activation of the famous “yellow signal” can be anxiety-provoking.

“No difficulty for security of supply”

The electricity carrier also wishes to reassure by affirming that it “does not anticipate any difficulty for the security of supply”. There is also an “orange signal”, synonymous with a strained electrical system, and a “red signal” when demand on the network makes cuts inevitable.

So, what can this signal be used for? “It is activated to raise awareness among residents when the electricity consumption of a region is higher than its historical consumption at the same time”, specifies RTE. Based on the principle that prevention is better than cure, the operator therefore calls on users to “adopt the right actions” to reduce their consumption, lower the heating, turn off appliances on standby or run their washing machine during periods. dig.

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