Royal Audience: King Charles III. receives King Felipe VI.

Royal Audience
King Charles III receives King Felipe VI.

King Charles (left) and King Felipe of Spain: blue suits and even bluer blood.

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Two kings faced each other in a good mood at Clarence House this Wednesday. King Charles received King Felipe of Spain.

The fourth guest of the third: On Wednesday morning (November 22nd) King Felipe VI. (54) of Spain the new British monarch, King Charles III. (74), paid a visit. They met for an audience at Charles’s London residence, Clarence House. Both royals chose a dark blue suit for the meeting, which included hearty laughter.

The background to the trip to Great Britain is the 135th anniversary of the founding of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, which is being celebrated together. In the evening there will be a gala dinner at the Landmark Hotel, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Cooperation should be expanded

The Chamber of Commerce said: “The event marks an important milestone for our institution and confirms the strong bilateral bond between the UK and Spain. On this historic day, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce reaffirms its commitment to strengthen the relationship between the two nations.”


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