Roy Kent is he a character in computer graphics? A look back at a crazy conspiracy theory

It’s the most “what the fuck” conspiracy theory in a long time. And probably the funniest too, like the superb comedy series Ted lasso. For those who haven’t seen it yet, this awesome Apple TV comedy tells the story of the arrival of American football coach Ted Lasso (played and created by Jason Sudeikis) hired to coach AFC Richmond, a team fictitious professional football in London. Nothing incredible so far, except that the nasal-accented coach knows absolutely nothing about the world’s most popular sport and is about to receive the coldest reception in football history.

In parallel to the broadcast of season 2 of the feel good series on Apple’s streaming platform at the end of July, a wacky theory has been flushed out on Twitter. The crazy rumor dates back to September 2020, a few weeks after the first season aired. A thread, marked with
The Verge this week, and titled “I just started the series and… CG? »Was born on
Reddit. In question ? Team captain Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), a brilliant returning athlete, grumpy and proud, is actually a computer generated character (“CGI”) straight out of the FIFA game or GTA.

A physique too perfect to be true

“I bet it was Apple’s condition, to test its computer graphics technology and make a surprise announcement when it wins the Emmy for best actor,” we can read. “Thank God, this thread exists, it’s the biggest question I’ve been asking myself since I started the series… What the hell, it must be virtual, it’s not possible”, writes another surfer. About thirty publications of this kind feed the discussion and enrich the arguments in favor of the theory on the character of Roy. His physique would be too perfect and his walk too strange to be human.

It is true that the absence of facial expressions of Roy Kent and one of the comic springs of the character, unable to express the slightest emotion and consumed by bitterness. From there to turning him into an avatar, we must not exaggerate … Especially since the actor has nearly forty films and series on his actor profile on the specialized site Imdb.

“I am a completely normal man”

Faced with the scale of the rumor, Brett Goldstein responded with humor this Thursday. “There are some crazy things happening on the Internet, as usual,” he said in a video posted on Twitter in which it takes the form of an animated avatar. “I just want to clear things up once and for all: I’m a perfectly normal man who lives in a virtual house and does normal human things like rendering, buffering, and transferring data,” he continued.

Will the answer be enough to quench the rumor? Anyway, this theory has the merit of giving a spotlight to a series, a real television nugget that lifts morale in the midst of a pandemic crisis.

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