Rose, victim of a sting in a nightclub, testifies

On April 17, Rose (assumed name) celebrated her 33rd birthday in a nightclub in Rennes. Around 4 a.m., while dancing with her friends, the young woman began to feel intense pain in her legs and buttocks. “Very quickly, I felt a really strong desire to sleep, I had never felt that. “It was not until the next morning that the young woman realized that she had a large hematoma on her left calf, with a red dot in the center.

“I didn’t feel anything, my best friend didn’t feel anything either. I was wearing these rather thick jeans and they pricked my left calf so I have a hard time understanding how this could have been done. The young woman does blood tests, including HIV serology, hepatitis B, hepatitis.

“It’s super stressful”

If they all turn out to be negative, Rose will have to do them again in three months to be sure that the injection has not contaminated her. “It’s super stressful. It may be a small injection, a small syringe, the trauma is really there. He is present and will be present for days and days until we have the results of our blood tests. »

Since the beginning of April, around sixty similar incidents have been recorded in night establishments, in particular in Grenoble, Nantes, Lille, Béziers, Caen, Toulouse and Rennes, but also at the Printemps de Bourges. None of the toxicological analyzes carried out to date has revealed the presence of narcotics. No syringe was found and no suspect was identified on the surveillance cameras of the establishments. 15 complaints, including that of Rose, were filed in the city of Rennes alone.

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