Roland-Garros 2024: Mélanie Thierry and Raphaël, Artus, Laury Thilleman, the stars will be there this May 29

Countless tennis fans including personalities are heading towards the Porte d’Auteuil. This in order to attend the prestigious French tournament. It’s no surprise that we find stars like Raphael has Roland Garros. Moreover, this Wednesday, May 29, the singer-songwriter posed with Melanie Thierry. The lovebirds ignored their great discretion in signed outfits Lacoste. Note that the 48-year-old artist had already attended a match with his son Alyosha Start of the week.

One of the celebrities who caused the most sensation this Wednesday, May 29, is Laury Thilleman. There Miss France 2011 opted for an outfit for the occasion with her Baggy jeans And leather jacket. Cap and white top, tennis shoes on her black-and-white outfit, she was really in the theme. It’s the same for Alicia Aylies. Miss France 2017 also chose a perfect outfit for Roland-Garros. Alicia Aylies was sublime in her white outfit consisting of a tennis mini skirt.

caused a sensation at this moment have not forgotten the essential cap! Needless to say, fans of People can enjoy the appearance of many stars at the competition. Karin Viard, Nolwenn Leroy And Arnaud Clément…there is plenty to keep you busy while following the matches.

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