Rohrbach: Investigations after the explosion of a residential building – Bavaria

The explosion of a semi-detached house in Upper Bavaria and the search for missing persons also occupied the investigators on Friday. Due to the amount of rubble, it is no longer assumed that someone could be recovered alive there, said a police spokeswoman on Friday morning. However, it is unclear whether the two missing people were even in the house. One couple is still missing – a 55-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman.

The police are still investigating the cause of the accident. She is also examining whether the explosion could be related to a fatal car accident in the region that occurred just 20 minutes later – because the owner of the vehicle was registered in the collapsed house in the Pfaffenhofen district.

Already on Thursday, emergency services in the small town of Rohrbach an der Ilm searched the ruins of the collapsed house for the two missing persons with dogs and probes. According to the police, a total of five people were reported there. For three of them it is known where they are. The house explosion also tore away the wall to an adjacent semi-detached house. Both of their residents were slightly injured.

The search for the missing was difficult because of the fire and smoke. The fire brigade was deployed on Thursday with a large contingent in the 6000-inhabitant town of Rohrbach an der Ilm. It is located about 30 kilometers from Ingolstadt. All the flames were still not extinguished by evening. “The scene of the fire is still very hot,” said a police spokeswoman, which is why it was partially inaccessible late in the evening. An excavator cleared rubble aside, and for hours the fire brigade and technical relief organization removed the rubble of the house so that the emergency services could search the remains of the building.

The house explosion occurred around 12.30 p.m. At 12.50 p.m. there was a fatal collision on the B300 in Schrobenhausen, 30 kilometers away: A car drove into oncoming traffic and crashed into an oncoming truck, the driver of which was seriously injured. One person died in the car, but the police said the body was burned beyond recognition. Even on Friday morning, the identity was still not clarified. But one thing is certain: the car was reported to the address of the exploded house. A police spokeswoman said on Friday that the person was definitely alone in the car. When asked whether the driver could have deliberately driven into the oncoming traffic, a police spokesman did not want to comment.

The cause of the explosion was still unclear on Friday. The rubble of the destroyed house is still unstable and unsafe, the primary goal is initially to make the place accessible, said a police spokeswoman on Friday. Person search dogs were on site on Thursday, but they did not hit. Now corpse detection and incendiary detection dogs are in use.


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