Rohrbach explosion: connection with fire in Saxony? – Bavaria

At first glance, there are two accidents – but they are related in a puzzling way. First a house is blown up in Upper Bavaria. A little later, a car crashes head-on into a truck and burns out. The car is registered to the address of the destroyed house, the person behind the wheel dies. The investigators also found a body in the remains of the building, as the police announced on Friday. According to image it is a dead woman. Both bodies were due to be autopsied on Friday.

In addition, the police are examining a connection between the events in Rohrbach and a fire in Saxony, as a spokesman for SZ confirmed. At first she had image reported about it. In Lugau, Saxony, an empty apartment went up in flames on Thursday that belongs to the couple’s 55-year-old husband, who is still missing.

According to the investigators, the explosion on Thursday afternoon in Rohrbach an der Ilm (Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm district) was probably caused by gas. This is indicated by the great force of the explosion, said a police spokeswoman. The house had gas heating. In addition, a – still intact – gas bottle was recovered from the rubble. What exactly triggered the explosion was still unclear.

A married couple is missing – a 55-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman. It was not possible to say on Friday afternoon whether the two people killed were the two missing. A police spokeswoman referred to the autopsy. The corpse recovered from the house was picked up by an undertaker in the afternoon and was to be taken to Munich for forensic medicine.

Three other people who had lived in the building were not at home at the time of the explosion. According to the police, they are not related to the two missing persons. In the second half of the semi-detached house, which was badly damaged, two people had suffered minor injuries.

The fatal traffic accident happened on Thursday about 20 minutes after the house explosion. On the B300 in Schrobenhausen, 30 kilometers away, a car drove into an oncoming truck. The car caught fire and, according to the police, the person behind the wheel burned beyond recognition. There was a gas bottle in the car, as the police confirmed on Friday. The “Donaukurier” had previously reported on this. The truck driver was seriously injured.

After the explosion on Thursday, around 270 emergency and rescue workers were on duty. The explosion also damaged some vehicles and neighboring houses. According to the police, the property damage cannot yet be precisely quantified, but it is likely to be in the high six-digit range or even more.


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