RKI figures on Corona: More new infections than ever before

Status: 11/26/2021 6:42 a.m.

The series of highs in the corona numbers does not stop: The Robert Koch Institute recorded more than 76,000 new infections within one day. The seven-day incidence rises to 438.2, higher than ever.

The number of new infections with the corona virus continues to rise drastically nationwide. The Robert Koch Institute reported 76,414 new cases in the morning that were reported by the health authorities within the past 24 hours.

For comparison: on Thursday the institute had recorded 75,961 new infections in Germany, a week ago it was 52,970.

This means that the seven-day incidence again reaches a maximum value – it rises to 438.2. The previous day the value was 419.7, a week ago 340.7 and exactly a month ago 113.

More than 100,000 corona deaths since the start of the pandemic

The number of deaths as a result of infection with the virus is also increasing: within one day, 357 deaths related to an infection were reported to the RKI. A week ago there were 201 deaths.

According to the RKI, more than 5.6 million people have been shown to have contracted the virus since the outbreak of the pandemic in Germany. The number of those who have recovered is more than 4.7 million. Nationwide, a total of 100,476 people died in connection with a corona infection.

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