Rising prices: Four out of five Germans limit consumption

YouGov survey
81 percent of Germans limit their consumption due to rising prices

According to the survey, savings are made primarily when going to restaurants, pubs or the cinema (symbol image)

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Rising prices and the war in Ukraine are having an increasing impact on the consumer behavior of the German population. Almost half are already saving electricity, heating less or postponing planned purchases.

According to a survey, people in Germany have already changed their consumer behavior in view of the sharp rise in prices. Four out of five respondents (81 percent) said in the Yougov poll published on Thursday on behalf of Ebay classifieds that they limit their consumption. Almost half (48 percent) said they were postponing planned purchases.

Rising prices prompt Germans to save

23 percent of those surveyed said they were saving on groceries and other everyday items. 48 percent said they were saving electricity, 41 percent were heating less, and 33 percent were also saving water. 35 percent said they use the car less.

According to the survey, savings are primarily made when going to restaurants, pubs or the cinema (45 percent) and on vacation (33 percent). Four out of ten respondents said they were buying less clothing. Yougov surveyed 2052 people in Germany in April; the results are said to be representative of the population aged 18 and over.

No majority for complete abandonment of Russian gas

In a Forsa poll commissioned by RTL, 39 percent of the 1,000 respondents were in favor of completely dispensing with Russian gas; they would also accept supply bottlenecks and further price increases in return. 56 percent of respondents are against such a boycott.

In March, Yougov surveyed around 3,100 people in Germany aged 18 and over for the team bank. 28 percent therefore expect that their financial situation will deteriorate in the next three to five years. In addition, the majority (54 percent) said they were most likely to forgo buying clothes and shoes, followed by vacation travel and leisure activities.


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