RISE Launches Athena Mentor, The First Mentor to Earn Platform That Turns Knowledge Into Crypto

Athena Mentor, a Blockchain Startup “Mentor to Earn” Platform, Turns Intellectual Wealth into Crypto Value Under the concept of Wisdom Mining, spread knowledge, skills and experience by people with direct experience. From one person benefiting to many people taking over the world. Stimulate reskill – up skill build intellectual immunity Ready to deal with all changes through learning not just in textbooks with expert mentors from more than 30 countries around the world through one-on-one video conferencing Incentive with rewards in Athena Token or ATH ready-to-use crypto coins by signing up to join the platform for free. free of charge It aims to spread knowledge to 100,000 platform users this year and 1,000,000 worldwide by next year.

Dr. Supachai Pachariyanon, MD.Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of RISE, the organizational innovation acceleration institute, revealed that Athena Mentor is a key puzzle piece in driving the main mission towards the goal of increasing 1% GDP in Thailand and Southeast Asia accordingly. At RISE, we have set a goal to achieve from day one to drive Athena Mentor, the Mentor to Earn platform, into a big global project this time. by stimulating skill regeneration and skill ups To develop themselves and the organization through the sharing of knowledge and experiences from Mentor, by bringing in industry-leading professionals from all industries around the world. both executive level operator business founder Experts in various fields. There are currently more than 300 mentors or experts on the platform in 27 industries from 30 countries around the world. It aims to reach 100,000 users of the platform by 2022 and increase to 1,000,000 users worldwide by 2023.

Ms. Paramee InthachuamProduct team leader Athena said that constantly improving yourself through skill resets and skill ups is a very important goal in each field. It is also in demand in every industry. And it plays an important role in dealing with all changes in the present and in the future. Mentorship is one of the methods that will enable the transfer of knowledge and wisdom from person to person. A survey by Sun Microsystems found that mentor mentors are promoted 5 times more than non-mentors. Athena Mentor developed the Mentor to Earn platform for everyone to share. gather knowledge Experiences from all over the world without borders. It is knowledge from direct experience that cannot be found in textbooks. which can be used to build on their own expertise to drive the world forward sustainably

“Athena Tokens or ATH, a ready-to-use crypto token, acts as a ‘reward’ stimulating intellectual property mining. By doing various activities in the platform under the concept of Wisdom Mining, spreading knowledge, skills and experience from one person. to benefit many people around the world Stimulate reskill – up skill build intellectual immunity Those who are interested can apply to join free of charge. and can choose the knowledge issues of interest with experienced mentors by themselves via ‘Coffee Chat’ program, 15 minutes each time, unlimited number of times, and receive Athena Token at the end of the conversation. But if the user wants to have an in-depth conversation beyond the specified period of time There is an option to pay for services in the Premium Mentorship Program. Anyone can be either a Mentorship Giver or a Mentor Recipient. to collect intellectual property Turning knowledge into cryptocurrencies Tokens are available from today onwards,” said Ms. Parmee.

Mr. Wiriya Reungvai, Chief Technology OfficerAthena said that Athena Mentor was just the beginning of driving the Democratize Wisdom for Humankind idea. create intellectual wealth From one person to the world through the platform, Athena Mentor believes that blockchain technology can also be applied to solve many global problems. As Athena’s development team remains committed to developing new blockchain projects that will provide solutions to move the world forward in a sustainable manner. to drive human resources to have more potential

In addition, holders of Athena Token or ATH crypto tokens can receive special privileges such as discounted Premium Mentorship Fee, right to participate in exclusive events. Including trading in crypto markets around the world and many more.

Athena Mentor is now available on the Mentor to Earn platform for free. for those interested in self-improvement to dig up intellectual property Connect the world of learning without borders and receive Athena Token or ATH crypto coin. Ready to use tokens And many other benefits are available today. Very special. Get up to 3 times Athena Token if you apply and use the service from today until May 31, 2022. Interested in learning more about Athena Mentor and applying for the service at https://mentor.athenaglobal.co

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