Ripple to Expand Intercontinental Money Transfers between Europe and Africa – Bitcoin Addict

Ripple’s cross-border remittance service will be available in Africa and Europe through Ripple’s partner NALA, a fintech agency and agent Modulr.

In February 2022, payments platform Modulr announced a partnership with Ripple to offer cross-border money transfers between the UK and Europe, enabling businesses to make real-time cross-continental payments using its technology. Ripple “RippleNet”

NALA has entered the UK market through Ripple partnering company Modulr. Last month, Ripple announced that it was partnering with MFS Africa.

MFS Africa will use Ripple’s ODL technology to enable individuals and businesses to make crypto payments in Africa and make real-time cross-border money transfers using their mobile technology, RippleNet.

Partnership between Ripple and MFS Africa brings many more ODL customers It’s a new hit with Ripple and Lemonway, Travelex Bank, FOMO Pay.

Ripple’s ODL technology was introduced in 2018 for cross-border payments. Helps reduce costs incurred. ODL is currently being used in many financial services including banks and SMEs.

It now handles millions of ODL transactions worth billions of dollars and serves over 40 countries including Singapore, Brazil, Malaysia, Poland, Indonesia and Thailand.

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