Right-wing terrorism: Six years in prison for the leader of “Group S.” – Politics

The ringleader of the right-wing terrorist “Group S.” was sentenced to six years in prison by the Stuttgart Higher Regional Court on Thursday. A total of eleven men were accused in the trial. They were accused of founding or supporting a terrorist cell.

In their plea, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office had demanded a prison sentence of seven years for Werner S., according to which the “Group S.” is also named. The defense had argued for an acquittal. In addition to S., ten other members or supporters of the group were charged. Nine of them were also sentenced to prison sentences of several years, some on probation. One defendant was acquitted.

The “Group S.” is a right-wing extremist terrorist cell that aimed to overthrow the Federal Republic. The members presumably wanted to bring about a civil war through coordinated attacks on mosques, politicians and people from the left-wing spectrum. The group was initially active on the Internet, then armed itself and also held target practice. The eleven defendants were arrested in February 2020.

In its plea for the alleged leader of the group, Werner S. from near Augsburg, the federal prosecutor’s office had called for a prison sentence of seven years, while the defense had pleaded for an acquittal. In addition to S., ten other members or supporters of the group were charged. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office had also demanded prison sentences of varying lengths for these. With one exception, the defense lawyers had pleaded for acquittal.

The representative of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office said in court that members of the group feared that refugees would take over the Federal Republic of Germany and wanted to fight against it. A defense attorney, however, called the group a “collection of slogan-smacking busybodies.” The majority of the defendants are no longer in custody.

The strictly secured procedure had been running for more than 170 days and was drawn out due to the scope and the corona pandemic. According to the court, more than 130 witnesses were heard during this time and around 1,000 documents were processed, including many of the group’s chat logs. In addition, more than 200 recorded telephone calls were listened to. One of the suspects had already died in custody before charges were filed. One of the defendants from Bavaria died unexpectedly during the trial. According to the Higher Regional Court, the man collapsed dead shortly in front of his apartment on the way home from a trial in the Stammheim high-security wing.

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