Richard Ferrand calls on the left to rally Macron rather than Mélenchon

Through the LREM president of the National Assembly, Emmanuel Macron is trying to dynamite the left a little more and in particular the Socialist Party. Richard Ferrand thus launches “an appeal to women and men on the left” to join the presidential team, in an interview with Free lunch to be released this Thursday.

“Our gathering, already vast, is destined to expand. Today, I appeal to women and men on the left, social democrats, socialists, ecologists, to tell them that they have their place in our majority to bring their sensitivity, their proposals, their priorities, their concerns. , declares the deputy of Finistère, himself a former socialist.

Eddy at the PS

This call comes as the number one of the PS, Olivier Faure, invited to the national office on Tuesday evening those who think that his party “is dead, that there is nothing more to do”, to leave and join LREM, according to several sources. He was then criticized by a minority current as to his attempt to unite with LFI for the legislative elections.

According to Richard Ferrand, “those who eye the far right on the right and on the left towards rebellious France will quickly get locked into extremist alliances”. “We are campaigning for a strong France, in a Europe – the great work of François Mitterrand – powerful enough to influence the course of the world. La France insoumise proposes a curling up, a weakening of France on different bases from the far right, but which lead to the same result, ”said the holder of the perch, close to Emmanuel Macron.

And to insist: “We reach out to citizens, to local and national elected officials, to all the forces who want to come and contribute their stone in the service of France”. In the eyes of the President of the Assembly, the next government will be able to go “from the social democratic socialists, to the liberal right, with the centrists who have been there since the beginning”.

The differences with Horizons are “lapping”

Regarding the nominations of candidates which must be issued between allies of Emmanuel Macron for the June legislative elections, Richard Ferrand, at the heart of the process, believes that “balances exist in the outgoing majority, and they must be preserved”. About the former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at the head of the Horizons party, who intends to be there, “I read things about our differences which are lapping”, he sweeps. “Edouard Philippe, Jean Castex, François Bayrou, Olivier Dussopt, François Rebsamen, have committed themselves to the re-election of the Chairman: we will carry his project together. Here and there, there will be friction, but it will be anecdotal”. The outcome of the negotiations will tell if the other partners of the presidential majority think the same thing.

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