Resolutions 2022: “Whoever thinks has lost!”

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Resolutions 2022: “Whoever thinks has lost!”

When it comes to resolutions, the aim is to avoid the “fatigue battle” with one’s own brain (symbolic image)

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Don’t think, just do it! Why, of all things, the brain is the key to success when implementing resolutions!

“The moment you start thinking, you give up!” This is what the successful podcaster and science editor Alexandra Kraft says in episode 189 in “Today important”. You guessed it, dear readers, it’s about the good old resolutions for the year 2022. According to a Statista survey, 50 percent of those surveyed want to do more sport, almost as many people want to eat healthier, lose weight or live more frugally.

How do we implement our resolutions?

The key to success lies in our habits, said Kraft. It takes about two and a half months to change a habit or to introduce a new one. Resolutions are about avoiding the “fatigue battle” with your own brain. “Humans are creatures of habit and that is what saves us!” Because we can reprogram our brains, negative beliefs like “I still have to do sport!” Exchange it for positives, such as “If I’ve done sport, I’ll be better afterwards.” Alexandra Kraft says of herself that she would be a different person today, probably not a healthy one, had she not implemented this step consistently. And we can all do that, says the expert in an interview with host Michel Abdollahi.

Michel Abdollahi

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Podcast “important today”

Sure, opinionated, on the 12: “Today important” is not just a news podcast. We set topics and initiate debates – with poise and sometimes uncomfortably. This is what host Michel Abdollahi and his team speak out for star– and RTL reporters: inside with the most exciting people from politics, society and entertainment. They let all voices have their say, the quiet and the loud. Anyone who hears “important today” starts the day well informed and can have a sound say.

Does a fourth vaccination make sense?

The health ministers of the federal states already discussed a possible second booster, i.e. a fourth corona vaccination, at the beginning of the week. And Federal Health Minister Lauterbach also wants to prepare certain parts of the population for this, but there are currently no reliable studies on effectiveness. The immunologist and member of the Leopoldina, the National Academy of Sciences, Professor Andreas Radbruch says we have to give our immune system time: “The best antibodies are made at the end and the cells that make the antibodies that are the best after about six Months, they then nestle in the bone marrow. Even if the virus and vaccine are no longer there, then they survive there […] and protect us for a lifetime with these very good antibodies. “Whether a fourth vaccination makes sense depends on Prof. Radbruch, whether a new vaccine is available that also helps against Omikron. A fourth or fifth vaccination with the old one Vaccine is no longer useful, because the effectiveness goes down further and further.

Pig heart transplant as an opportunity for the terminally ill?

Last week, doctors in the United States succeeded in transplanting a 57-year-old man with a pig heart. The medical breakthrough is called xenotransplantation. In the “Today important” podcast, science editor Nicole Simon explains why there are mainly practical reasons why organs from pigs play a role in xenotransplantation. In addition, our colleague reports that it will be some time before this new type of transplant could become the norm in hospitals – because clinical studies have to be carried out first and they take time.

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