“RequiemCode”, the controversial post-mortem QR Code raises one million euros

When we crossed paths with him in the cemetery of the East a little over a year ago, Lilian Delaveau had just developed his application. Under a thick cloud cover that announced All Saints’ Day, the entrepreneur from Rennes explained to us how the idea of ​​creating RequiemCode was born.

It was a day in March 2020, in the Loiret where he grew up. Before France is confined, Lilian buried her grandpa in a sober but colorless ceremony. “My grandfather had an exceptional laugh and a lot of anecdotes. But none of that transpired on the day of his funeral ”. This engineer then had the idea of ​​creating an augmented reality solution to view videos or photos of the deceased on his smartphone using a QR Code affixed to their grave.

Lilian Delaveau created RequiemCode, an augmented reality application to pay tribute to the deceased. – C. Allain / 20 Minutes

For a little over a year, his idea remained fairly confidential. Until his participation in the show Who wants to be my partner? whose second episode of the second season was broadcast Wednesday evening on M6. Viewers were able to discover that the idea of ​​the digital souvenir imagined by Lilian did not leave investors unmoved. “You erase meditation. For me, everyone should be able to keep a different memory. I am in total opposition to the project, ”tackle Jean-Pierre Nadir, one of the show’s jurors.

In the end, only Anthony Bourbon agreed to follow Lilian Delaveau, offering him 40,000 euros in exchange for 25% of the capital of his company. Not without creating a nice clash in the show after having mentioned “the ethnocentrism” of the other jurors, passing them off as “old-fashioned old world”. “You border on indecency,” replied Jean-Pierre Nadir, visibly upset.

From the top of his 27 years, Lilian Delaveau did not attend this verbal joust between jurors but he succeeded in his coup: to talk about his project and obtain funding. “The reaction of the show’s jurors confirms that there are still a lot of taboos and embarrassment around death. Some accuse me of wanting to disfigure cemeteries. This is absolutely not the case, ”recalls the Rennes entrepreneur. From the filming of the show in April, the young entrepreneur had forged a solid partnership with Anthony Bourbon. Founder of Feed, a company specializing in meal replacements, the 32-year-old businessman who started from nothing had agreed to inject 40,000 euros into Lilian’s company, as shown in the images released on Wednesday. Outside of cameras, he did a lot more than that, propelling the company into a new dimension.

“Become the funeral Airbnb”

Even before the broadcast of the show, the project called “RequiemCode” was renamed “Life Memory” and his company, which became “Life”, won over several Parisian business angels contacted by Anthony Bourbon. “We closed a fundraising of one million euros in December by opening our capital up to 10%. The arrival of Anthony gave a scale to the project that I had not imagined. It’s a lightning accelerator, ”admits Lilian Delaveau.

In the business plan, augmented reality will only be a simple tool. On the advice of his mentor, the Rennais developed a global solution for preparing funerals. “Our goal is to become the Airbnb for funerals. “Life” will be a platform for connecting with funeral directors. In the sector, some are fifteen years behind, but many agencies are working very well. They are the ones we want to promote, ”explains the young entrepreneur, now at the head of a death business. “I’ll help you face all the mockery, the different opinions.” Death is like sex, it’s a divisive subject. It will be hard to democratize and there are a lot of risks but we will do it, ”promised Anthony Bourbon on the show. He kept his word.

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