Report: Party in Downing Street also before Prince Philip’s funeral – politics

A new report of a party at the Prime Minister’s office is increasing the pressure on Boris Johnson. The newspaper DailyTelegraph reports on another party that is said to have taken place on the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II. It is the first known lockdown party at the seat of government in 2021. So far, several celebrations in May and December 2020 have become public. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is already heavily criticized for these alleged lockdown parties at his official residence.

the DailyTelegraph reports that a total of about 30 Johnson employees attended the party in April. They drank alcohol and danced. However, strict distance rules applied in mid-April 2021, members of different households were not allowed to meet in closed rooms. Although Johnson himself did not attend the party on April 16, 2021, nor was he present at Downing Street, he is held responsible for the behavior of his staff.

The special explosiveness of the report results from the timing of the party. It is said to have taken place on April 16, one day before Prince Philip’s funeral. Due to the current Corona regulations, the Queen had to sit all alone in the chapel of her Windsor residence during the funeral service when her husband, to whom she was married for 73 years, was buried. The photo of the lonely queen was one of the defining impressions of the pandemic, touching the hearts of millions of Britons.

Because of the Corona rules, the Queen had to sit all alone in the chapel of her Windsor residence on April 17, 2021 while she said goodbye to her husband, Prince Philip. (archive image)


Even MPs from his own party are now calling for Johnson’s resignation

The outrage is now all the greater. “While they mourned, No. 10 celebrated,” said Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey. “I have no words for the culture and behavior in No. 10,” said deputy leader of the main opposition Labor party, Angela Rayner. The fish stinks from the head.

Johnson apologized in Parliament on Wednesday for the impression that those who make the Corona rules are not sticking to them. He admitted that he was present in the garden for 25 minutes at the celebration on May 20, 2020. According to his impression, it was a work meeting. In retrospect, he was wrong about that, Johnson said. However, he called for the result of an ongoing internal investigation to be awaited before consequences are drawn. The opposition is already demanding his resignation.

Some MPs from Johnson’s Conservative Party have also called on the prime minister to step down. Because of the proximity to the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh, who is extremely popular with the people, the celebrations that have now become known are considered particularly dangerous for Johnson. Downing Street did not deny the parties, as also reported by the BBC.

Commenters rated the article in telegraph, which is actually considered Johnson’s house newspaper and for which the 57-year-old used to work himself, as part of the power struggle for the future of the prime minister. Johnson has been trying with all his might to rally supporters around for days. If 15 percent of the 360 ​​conservative MPs speak out against the prime minister, there will be a vote of no confidence in the parliamentary group.

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