Repeat of the federal elections in Berlin: is a chain reaction imminent? – Politics


Boris Herrmann and Robert Rossmann, Berlin

The constituency of the member of parliament Jürgen Hardt from the CDU bears the sonorous name “Solingen – Remscheid – Wuppertal II”. It’s a good 450 kilometers south-west of Berlin, so it’s quite a safe distance from the so-called cosmopolitan city that last year believed it could hold a federal election, a parliamentary election and a marathon at the same time. As is well known, apart from the marathon, pretty much everything went wrong. According to Federal Returning Officer Georg Thiel, what happened in Berlin on September 26, 2021 was a “complete systematic failure of the election organization”. And if things go badly, then MP Hardt from North Rhine-Westphalia will soon be a former MP.

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