Relegation battle in the Bundesliga: fateful day of the old brands

This match day could bring a kind of preliminary decision in the relegation battle. Traditional clubs like Schalke, Stuttgart or Hertha BSC are again facing second division – in the long term this can be a problem for the whole league.

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Phillip Selldorf

One would love to see a Bundesliga coach one day, at the obligatory media meeting before the match day, demand the church from the village to remove, instead of leaving them in the village. This might then be the day when mankind finally wakes up and saves the earth after all, but that day still seems to be a long way off. In any case, Sebastian Hoeneß has now demanded, as usual, that one has to “leave the church in the village” when it came to the expectations for the next game of his eleven who won the cup on Wednesday. Hoeneß and VfB Stuttgart will present themselves at VfL Bochum on Sunday. Despite his successful debut, the coach does not want to commit himself to a strong prognosis. He prefers to say the well-worn saying to put it into perspective.

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