Relaxation for members of parliament: mask requirement in the Bundestag ends

Status: 04/21/2022 2:37 p.m

From next week there will no longer be a mask requirement in the Bundestag. The 3G proof will also be abolished in view of the reduced number of infections. This was announced by Bundestag President Bas.

In view of the reduced number of corona infections, the precautionary measures against the virus are also being relaxed in the Bundestag. The mask requirement and the 3G proof as a prerequisite for participation in plenary and committee meetings will be abolished for the next week of the meeting. This was announced by Bundestag President Bärbel Bas to the MPs.

“In view of the current development of the pandemic situation, I have now decided to lift the general decree at the end of April 24, 2022,” the letter says.

Wearing masks voluntarily in the future

“Of course, everyone is free to continue to wear a mask. This still seems advisable, especially where it is not possible to keep your distance,” the SPD politician continued.

MEPs could continue to order masks and self-tests themselves and settle them via their non-cash account. Until May 20, 2022, there is also the possibility to be tested on the test routes provided by the Bundestag administration.

Temporarily 2G Plus

In the Bundestag, the 2G-plus rule had temporarily applied to the 736 members of parliament, their employees and the administration of the parliament. Those who were only double-vaccinated or recovered needed an additional negative test to enter the Chamber or committees. Only those who were boosted or recovered with a double vaccination did not need this.

In addition, FFP2 masks were mandatory. MEPs who were neither vaccinated nor recovered could only follow the sessions from a designated tribune. Almost only AfD MPs sat there.

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