Relationship and love: tips on how to become a happy couple

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Forever happy? Seven tips for the perfect relationship

Trust and understanding: this is how you consolidate your partnership.

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We keep making the same mistakes, whether newly in love or in a long-term relationship. A few behavioral tricks help to hold on to love forever.

Regardless of whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or just recently in love: We just can’t get out of our skin – and we keep making the same mistakes in relationships. With these seven tips, however, love could solidify.

1. There is no such thing as 100 percent

The partner is great, but ..? Anyone who wants the dream prince without rough edges will always be disappointed. Even the partner is just a person with flaws. Learns to accept weaknesses instead of non-stop dissatisfaction.

2. Show love differently

Are the compliments worn out, have the romantic dinner been conjured up umpteen times? Then the way of showing love needs a makeover. It can be a little more creative. Does he like to watch football? Then accompany him to the pub. Accepting different hobbies is important for the relationship. Small gifts always go, too. Or plan a weekend excursion. Or at least a bike tour together.

3. Forge plans together

Nothing welds together like a joint project! Clearing out the attic, selling clutter at the flea market or going to sport together – a common activity strengthens the partnership.

4. Don’t just live for the partner

Do you spend every free minute together? Nobody has their own hobbies or friends anymore? Not at all good, because going it alone also brings a breath of fresh air into the relationship. So keep friends, leisure activities and Co. – this is how you stay exciting.

5. Keep agreements

The longer a relationship lasts, the more consultation and organization it requires. Be reliable, it gives your partner security. Do you no longer like an arrangement? Then you will find a new compromise together with your partner.

6. What comes after falling in love?

Couples often fail because they worked magically when they were freshly in love. But no sooner does everyday life return than love is over. Find a way to keep the relationship exciting with small ideas – and still enjoy the security and reliability of a long-term relationship.

7. Talk!

Communication is everything, including non-verbal ones, by the way. A majority of the couples who fail have not found a way to communicate with each other.


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