Rejected by the RN, does Eric Zemmour pay for his strategy of radicalism?

In the aftermath of the presidential election, the hatchet is far from being buried between Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour. The National Rally has double-locked the door on which the leaders of the Reconquest party are knocking for an alliance in the legislative elections on 12th and 19th June next. The former identity candidate finds himself more isolated than ever seven weeks before the first round. But a new electoral disappointment would signal the failure of its strategy of radicalism and would jeopardize its political future.

“Politics is not tea with the countess”

Last December, at his Parisian headquarters, Eric Zemmour boasted to journalists of his sensational entry into the political world, sweeping away criticism of the ” brutality of his campaign. “Politics is not tea at five o’clock with the Countess. Politics is hard. I defend my convictions, I express them vividly. That’s politics, the clash of ideas. But the media outbursts at the start of the campaign quickly gave way to slippages and controversies, in particular that over the reception of Ukrainian refugees, which confirmed his fall in the polls.

Despite the failure of this strategy (7% in the first round), the candidate remained on the same line, initially, by overwhelming Marine Le Pen. “This is the eighth time that defeat has struck the name of Le Pen”, slashed the former Cnews columnist, paradoxically calling to “forget the quarrels” and “unite the forces” of the “national camp”. But this outing, which adds to a long series of attacks against the member for Pas-de-Calas, caused the executives of the National Rally to choke. “When you want to enter a house to chat, you don’t urinate on the door before ringing the bell…”, reacted Gilles Pennelle, boss of the RN in Brittany (OR CA?). “He has to deflate his head, which is huge, and stop insulting people”, quipped Louis Aliot, the vice-president of the RN, on Monday on France Inter.

” The past is the past. Zemmour was also attacked”

Faced with the firmness of the RN, the relatives of Eric Zemmour are now trying to call for calm. “Small sentences are the presidential game. The phrase [sur la défaite des Le Pen] was harsh, but it is a factual reality. It was also the end point of this campaign. Now we have to move forward, ”blows Benjamin Cauchy. The former figure of the yellow vests, who has become a member of the party’s political committee, recalls that the former Cnews columnist clearly called for a vote for Marine Le Pen on the evening of the first round. ” The past is the past. Zemmour was also attacked, but what is more important, our old disputes or having the maximum number of deputies? “Asks Samuel Lafont, digital strategy director of Reconquête, who calls for the union” of patriots against the macronist bloc and the mélenchoniste bloc “.

Less reckless than in recent weeks, Eric Zemmour said on Twitter on Wednesday that his movement would not present “no candidate against Marine Le Pen, Éric Ciotti and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan”. Because if his relatives praise the 122,000 members and the good financial situation of the party, the former political journalist knows that the future of his movement depends on the election of deputies next June. Marine Le Pen seems to have found the opportunity to get rid of this troublesome rival. Because the RN has swept away any idea of ​​an alliance, indicating that it will present many candidates in the 577 constituencies, and in particular against Eric Zemmour.

“At grassroots and local leadership levels, many will want this alliance with us. But the executives of the National Gathering may say to themselves that this is the opportunity to make Reconquest disappear, in a spirit of revenge, and exacerbated passions against the former RNs who have joined us, ”plague Benjamin Cauchy. In private last February, Marine Le Pen promised Eric Zemmour a fate similar to that of Bruno Mégret, ironically about the “curse” of those who “betray the national camp”. The former right-hand man of Jean-Marie Le Pen had disappeared from political life after wanting to free himself from the boss of the FN.

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