Reims – PSG – Sergio Ramos expelled, Marquinhos enrages: “I don’t know if there is something personal against us”

But what did Sergio Ramos say? It remains a mystery. But the images of Reims-PSG are formal, for an innocuous fault 35 meters from goal, the Spanish international came out of his hinges to scream words that were probably not very friendly a few centimeters from the referee’s face. Pierre Gaillouste did not hesitate for long: red card, or rather two yellow cards 10 seconds apart, from the 41st minute of play.

At the break, Marquinhos had obviously not digested and the Brazilian international expressed his fed up at the microphone of our colleagues from Canal Plus: “It’s incredible, it’s starting to be too muchdropped the captain of PSG. I don’t know if there’s something personal against us… We don’t always want to talk about the referees, but still. He has to keep control of the game. Every time we approach him, he puts a card, we can’t talk to him. I don’t know what he heard. He didn’t like Sergio’s gesture.” At the break, PSG and Reims were back to back (0-0).

Verratti asked for an explanation at the break

A few minutes later, it was Marco Verratti who put his two cents in this story. Warned during the “Ramos” sequence for disputes, the Italian asked for an explanation from a member of the refereeing body, himself in full discussion with Kylian Mbappé in the bowels of the Auguste-Delaune stadium. Sent to the locker room by a PSG official, Verratti was then replaced by Christophe Galtier.

PSG had already strongly criticized the arbitration last March, after a defeat (3-1) in Nantes. Marco Verratti was then sanctioned with a one-match suspension, accompanied by a suspended match, for having declared: “We got over it with the referees“. Referee Pierre Gaillouste, for his part, had already been talked about last month in Ligue 2 after having excluded four Metz players during Metz-Guingamp (3-6), to the great anger of the Lorraine club which judged some of those undeserved red cards.

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