Regensburg: Toxic Christmas with Gloria von Thurn and Taxis – Bavaria

So again Gloria von Thurn und Taxis. The plan was actually for the so-called Princess based in Regensburg to appear in this column at most once a year, anything else would be too much publicity. Most recently, that was last June, when Gloria grieved in view of the 70th anniversary of the British Queen, who has since died, that nobility and monarchy were abolished in Germany. It could only be interpreted as an application for the post of Queen of Germany. Gloria has actually exhausted her contingent of lines.

In fact, one could currently work through Gloria’s appearance with Alt-Bildler Julian Reichelt, in whose YouTube Auskotz format Thurn and Taxis were allowed to give a lot of nonsense. But that is avoided because: a lot of nonsense. The fact that Gloria is being written about here again is only half a buck. Actually, it is only indirectly about them and much more about those who try to ensure that Regensburg is not only associated with very old stones and glory.

The Upper Palatinate youth of the German Federation of Trade Unions make a good living here. They recently gathered in Glorias Hood, not far from the entrance to St. Emmeram Castle, and demanded the expropriation of the lady, who was extremely wealthy through marriage and inheritance. There is practically no tree around Regensburg that does not belong to Gloria. The rabble can only gaze longingly through the wrought-iron fence at your front yard in the middle of the city. After all, twice a year normal mortals from Regensburg are allowed to increase Gloria’s wealth by buying tickets for their castle festival or the legendary Christmas market (champagne hill!). Then you can enter the holy garden.

The Regensburg DGB youth preferred to stay on neutral ground and have their protest accompanied by the activation of the very informative “Thurn & Toxisch” website. There you can read in detail why Gloria isn’t the nice aunt from Regensburg who sings funny from the balcony at her Christmas market.

In the future, when Gloria appears again and the question arises: ignore or document the humbug? – you can now count on See you in a year at the earliest, Gloria!

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