Red lights, smoke… The journey that led to the annulment of a marriage

Michaël Delafosse (PS), the mayor of Montpellier (Hérault), canceled a wedding on Saturday after excesses. However, in this commune, the future spouses sign a charter, specifying that disturbances to public order will lead to the cancellation of the ceremony.

The municipal police gave more details, Monday, on the overflows reproached to the guests of this marriage. It was at the beginning of the afternoon on Saturday that an operator from the Urban Supervision Center spotted two vehicles, blocking traffic in a roundabout, in Croix-d’Argent, to make way for a procession of 27 cars and motorcycles. “Passengers are not wearing their seat belts and are standing at the level of the sunroofs, sitting on the uprights of the doors and trunks”, details the municipal police.

Smoke and red lights

The national police then received “many calls from motorists”, blocked on the A709. Shortly before 3 p.m., the procession landed on another roundabout, near the Zénith-Sud, and “parked there while lighting smoke bombs”, notes the municipal police. A few minutes later, “the vehicles run the red light” and enter the Grammont area. It was then that the decision to annul the marriage was made.

In the end, 18 vehicles were fined for stopping in the way of traffic, for not wearing a seat belt and for not observing the stop imposed by a red light.

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