Reality show: “Drag Race Germany”: Who will be named the best drag queen?

Reality show
“Drag Race Germany”: Who will be named the best drag queen?

Metamorkid (lr), Pandora Nox and Yvonne Nightstand are the finalists of “Drag Race Germany”. photo

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Three drag queens are in the final: The international screen success “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has also arrived in Germany. Only one can win.

They have been fighting since the beginning of September: The drag queens Pandora Nox, Metamorkid and Yvonne Nightstand are in the final of the Reality show “Drag Race Germany”. In the twelfth episode of the German-language offshoot of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on Paramount+, the winner goes home with 100,000 euros in prize money. The presenter and thus the German RuPaul equivalent Barbie Breakout not only led through the twelve episodes, but also awarded the title at the end.

“Three is my lucky number,” the finalist Metamorkid revealed to the German Press Agency at the premiere at the beginning of September. The Austrian impressed the jury with her humor and also the spectacular outfits that she presented on the catwalk at the end of each episode.

The participant Pandora Nox also comes from Austria. She was also able to shine with her outfits, but as a dancer also with her stage performances. Pandora Nox is one of the few cis-gender women who took part in one of the internationally successful formats. Cis means that the person identifies with the gender assigned to them at birth. It is the counterpart to trans identity.

“Tatort” parodies and Merkel looks

The third member of the group is participant Yvonne Nightstand. The Berliner caught up well, especially in the last few episodes. She shone with her humor in the competition and also won in an episode in which the participants were supposed to make fun of each other in a particularly smart way. She made many of her runway outfits herself.

During the course of the competition, a musical called “Drag-Ort” was performed, a transvestite parody of the successful German format “Tatort”. A special catwalk challenge was the “Night of a Thousand Merkels”, in which the participants had to present their favorite look of the ex-chancellor.

The final will be broadcast on streaming provider Paramount+ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from Tuesday. In the last episode, various challenges will be held to decide who will take home the crown and the prize money and become the first winner of “Drag Race Germany”.


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