RC Strasbourg – Lille: Nine yellows, one red … Mr. Letexier was a hit in Alsace

At the Meinau stadium,

Its release was a bit eventful. Supervised by officials and his trio, François Letexier left the Meinau lawn on Saturday under the whistles and in a certain tension. RC Strasbourg’s sports coordinator, Kader Mangane, came to meet him to say a few words (sweet, certainly) but was prevented from doing so. Final jolts of an eventful evening for the referee.

Why ? Maybe because he released nothing less than nine yellow cards and one red against Losc. A rare performance for him, used to an average of around four warnings per game according to his stats available online. In Alsace, he exploded the counters, not always being understood.

“We can’t talk, it’s a bit of a shame”

The expulsion of Adrien Thomasson for an uncontrolled tackle on Djalo (79th)? There is obviously not the debate. “The decision is not scandalous,” even recognized Strasbourg coach Julien Stéphan. “Apparently, the red is not severe,” said Maxime Le Marchand. Neither did the other discuss the whistled penalty against Dijku, after a mower hit Weah (56th).

No, it is rather for the multiple yellow cards, five for Racing against four for Losc, that Mr. Letexier was not unanimous. Especially for those who were related to words a little higher than the others. The Merchant and Stéphan can talk about it, they each had the right to it. “We can not speak, it’s a bit of a shame but we are not going to put the fault on the referee”, preferred to evacuate the defender.

His trainer, he proceeded by innuendo. “There was 21 minutes of effective time in the second period, it’s very weak,” he pointed out about a certain vice on the part of the Mastiffs. “There is what we allow to do … Sometimes, we do what we are allowed to do”, he added, quickly specifying that it was “not a spade against arbitration” . Not at all…

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