Rare event at the official residence: Biden’s granddaughter is married in the White House

Rare event at the official residence
Biden’s granddaughter gets married in the White House

Weddings in the White House in Washington are extremely rare – and only once did a US President himself say yes. Now there is a wedding for the first time in almost three decades. The bride is a granddaughter of President Biden. And there is also a premiere at the wedding.

The White House has married again for the first time in almost 30 years. Naomi Biden, President Joe Biden’s 28-year-old granddaughter, and Peter Neal exchanged vows, as seen in media photos from the event. The ceremony took place in bright sunshine and temperatures around five degrees on the south lawn of the White House – and thus in front of the eyes of the public, so to speak.

However, the otherwise accessible park behind the US President’s official residence was closed, so that the spectators and photographers were several hundred meters away and it was difficult to see anything without binoculars or a telephoto lens. Media were not allowed at the wedding itself. According to the White House, the couple wanted to keep the ceremony private.

According to official records, it was only the 19th wedding in the White House – and the first on the open southern meadow, where the President’s “Marine One” helicopter usually lands. The official White House photographer at the time, Pete Souza, was most recently married at the official residence in October 1993. Like others before him, he had chosen the more protected rose garden.

Naomi Biden is the first granddaughter of a president to marry in the White House. Previously, it was mostly daughters – such as Tricia Nixon in 1971 – or other family members such as the brother of First Lady Hillary Clinton in 1994. Grover Cleveland’s 1886 wedding remains the only one of a president in the White House. A wedding reception is one of the private expenses that a president or his family must pay out of pocket.

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