Raphael Warnock winner in Georgia, the Democrats consolidate their majority in the Senate

It will ultimately be 51 Democrats in the Senate. Joe Biden’s party consolidated its majority on Tuesday, with the victory of candidate Raphael Warnock in a poll in Georgia. The American president, who was predicted to suffer a severe defeat in the mid-term elections, is strengthened by this electoral sequence.

His party’s candidate, Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock was opposed to a protege of Donald Trump, Republican Herschel Walker for the last act of these “midterms”. The two men had already faced each other in November and a second round had to be organized to decide between them. The American president had shown himself to be extremely confident, a few minutes before the announcement of the results. “We’re going to win, we’re going to win in Georgia,” he told reporters.

Congress divided

This victory does not change the balance of power in the US Congress: the Democrats had already made sure to keep control of the Senate after the first round of legislative elections in November. The Republicans have meanwhile taken over the House, but with a much shorter majority than expected. But this new seat gives more freedom to the party of Joe Biden, who has governed for the past two years with an extremely slim majority: 50 seats out of 100.

Among other things, it will allow them to exercise greater influence in key parliamentary committees. And will significantly limit the influence of a moderate Democratic senator, Joe Manchin, gravedigger of several major projects of the Biden administration.

A $400 million ballot

With this seat, the Republicans hoped for their part to offer themselves broader blocking powers to the policies of Joe Biden. At 700 days from the next election, the opposition is anxious to break the dynamics of the president, reinforced by these good results in the “midterms”.

The defeat of Donald Trump’s candidate is a new illustration that the Republican “wave” promised by the former president in the midterm elections has not materialized. This did not prevent the Republican, embroiled in various scandals and legal troubles, from declaring himself a candidate for the presidential election.

Sign of the importance and the interest for this last duel in Georgia: nearly 400 million dollars had been injected into the ballot, the most expensive of the mid-term elections. The few polls showed the candidates neck and neck.

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