Raoul Pal Says He Might Start Buying Crypto Next Week in the midst of market failure

Raoul Pal – CEO of Global Macro Investor – predicts the crypto market will bottom in the next 5 weeks. It said he may start buying heavily next week. He compared the current bear market to the wild plunge in 2014, while suggesting the continued bloodshed could be a 10x opportunity for investors.

in the thread On Twitter on Tuesday, Pal said that as a macro investor, He expects global assets to recover largely in 12 to 18 months as “inflation and recession are behind you” and he believes the Fed will cut interest rates.

Based on his analysis of bitcoin’s weekly Relative Strength Index (RSI), he expects the bottom to come within the next five weeks.

Pal claims he may start buying next week. By admitting that the beat at the lowest point is almost impossible. Referring to his experience of “82% loss in 2014 and 10x profit thereafter,” he implied that the current situation reminded him of previous events and reiterated his views on crypto as an investment. longer term

in anothersectionOne, he elaborated, reiterating that The “financial situation caused by commodities, prices, and dollars” has pushed the market on the verge of a complete collapse. which in the short term He believes the US economy is in trouble.

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