Rain of tributes after the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II’s husband

Prince Philip in an exhibition in London, December 4, 2002. Behind him, a caricature of the Queen. Prince Philip died this Friday at the age of 99. – GOFF / SIPA

  • Married to Queen Elisabeth II since 1947, the Duke of Edinburgh, who died at the age of 99, dedicated his life to the monarchy.
  • Tributes have increased in the UK and abroad following news of his disappearance.

By saluting “the extraordinary life” of Prince Philip, Boris Johnson summed up the tone of the tributes which fall since the announcement of the death of the husband of Queen Elisabeth II, this Friday at the age of 99 years. “We are a united kingdom in both sorrow and gratitude; sorrow at the passing of Prince Philip, and gratitude for his decades of selfless service to the country, ”added the British Prime Minister.

Elected officials of all political stripes recalled the commitment of the Duke of Edinburgh, who traveled the United Kingdom for more than seventy years to support a number of charitable actions. The prince “fought for Britain – and the freedoms we hold dear today – during World War II,” recalled Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London.

A commitment that was also that of his couple with the Queen, for its part supported Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor Party. “Their marriage was a symbol of strength, stability and hope […]. It was a partnership that inspired millions of people in Britain and beyond. Queen Elisabeth and Prince Philip were married in 1947. A union that has lasted over the years, unlike those of three of their four children.

Even Republic, a pressure group campaigning for the abolition of the monarchy, offered condolences to the Queen. “This is a personal and private moment for the family, so we will have nothing more to say today,” they added.

Philip and the Queen “were flirting madly”

The tribute to the prince goes beyond the political world. Football clubs, the British Museum, personalities… It is a whole country which expresses its sadness. For singer Boy George, Philip was “a character”, like a “grandfather who does silly things”. Presenter Carol Vorderman remembers seeing the Queen and her husband ‘flirting madly’ and ‘laughing’ over a lunch at Buckingham Palace, when the couple were in their 80s.

The BBC, another British institution, has interrupted its programs to announce the death of the prince. She upsets her programs for the rest of the day, as do other British media.

Prince Philip “represented the UK with dignity”

In Berlin, Brussels or Dublin, the chancelleries also offered their condolences to the Queen. The Irish Prime Minister said he was “saddened” by this news. “A very sad day”, for her part tweeted Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission. Former US President George W. Bush said Prince Philip “represented the UK with dignity”. Among the crowned heads, the royal family of Belgium sent their condolences to their British counterparts.

At the time of writing, neither Prince Charles nor Prince William have made any statement regarding the death of their father and grandfather. The Kensington Palace Twitter account, which runs communications for William and Kate, retweeted the announcement of the death and posted a photo in tribute to the prince.

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