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Status: 05.09.2021 11:09 a.m.

Full compartments, many failures – due to the strike of the train drivers’ union GDL, only just under every third long-distance train runs today, and many regional connections have also been canceled. The replacement schedule is stable.

The train drivers’ strike at Deutsche Bahn continues to lead to major train cancellations today. As the company announced, around 70 percent of long-distance trains were at a standstill in the morning. The traffic according to the replacement schedule is stable, said a spokesman. The railway had previously announced that it would use additional trains at the weekend to allow holidaymakers to leave. But she also called for bookings to be postponed if possible.

The train drivers’ union GDL is currently on strike in passenger and freight traffic, and the strike should last until Tuesday morning. For the first time, the GDL is also on strike in the latest collective bargaining round at the weekend.

Big regional differences

In regional and S-Bahn traffic, according to the company, around 60 percent of trains are canceled today, as in the past few days, but the situation is very different from region to region. The main strikes are still the east and some metropolitan regions.

According to Deutsche Bahn, a total of 7,017 train drivers of a total of around 19,700 DB train drivers have stopped working since the start of the latest wave of strikes. In addition to the train staff, the leadership of the GDL had again called on employees in the network, in maintenance or at the stations to take part in a labor dispute during this strike, according to the company. “In these areas, however, there were no significant work stoppages even in the third wave of strikes.”

Return to the negotiating table is required

The railway failed again on Friday to ban the strikes in court. She called on the GDL to re-negotiate, while the union, for its part, demands an improved offer from the group.

The GDL is asking for a total of 3.2 percent more money with a term of 28 months and a corona premium of 600 euros. At the start of the strike in freight transport, the railway had presented a new offer that came close to the demands of the union, but provided for a term of the collective agreement of 36 months, which the GDL refused.

The chairman of the German Federation of Trade Unions, Reiner Hoffmann, criticized the behavior of the GDL and also asked them to return to the negotiating table.

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