Raids on the “Last Generation”: Where Politics Fails – Opinion

If the UN warns that climate activists should be better protected, then something is wrong: Politicians must finally come up with something better than devaluation and raids on this conflict issue.

Thirty years ago, the Automobile Taxpayers’ Party (ASP) existed for a short time, it even had a seat on the city council in Munich at times and fought for the rights of motorists in Germany. At the time, there was a lot of laughter about the ASP because of their bizarre radicalism in the most car-friendly country in the world. It closed shop in 2002, but although the Greens govern today in the federal government and in many states, the spirit of the car driver and taxpayer party is in robust bloom, as could be observed this week: A badly justified large-scale raid against the “last generation” , this manageable association of young people who fight non-violently against traffic? It can hardly be more ASP-like.

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