Raid against a small neo-Nazi group throughout the country

Germany wants to get rid of small neo-Nazi groups. The authorities launched searches in ten regions of the country on Tuesday morning, twenty-eight apartments of members of the “Hammerskins Germany” organization which propagates a “racial theory based on Nazi ideology”, announced Tuesday the Minister of Interior.

Three sites which served as a meeting place for the organization were also searched, the ministry subsequently indicated. This operation mobilized around 700 police officers, who came to support five teams of investigators, according to the same source.

“Mein Kampf”, swastikas and guns

“Significant quantities of far-right symbols” were seized, specifies the ministry which also lists, among the weapons found, an “anti-tank grenade”, “a crossbow”, several firearms and bladed weapons. Sound recordings, books including My Kampfflags, some with swastikas, were discovered.

With this operation, the preparation of which required “more than a year of collaboration” between Berlin and the Länder concerned, Germany deals “a hard blow against organized right-wing extremism”, declared the Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser in the press release. “We are putting an end to the inhumane activities of an internationally active neo-Nazi association in Germany,” she added. The ban also targets regional sections and the “Crew 38” sub-organization, again based on association law.

“The elite” of the skinhead scene

This is the 20th ban in recent years by the Interior Ministry of a far-right organization in Germany, the press release said. “Hammerskins Germany” are an offshoot of the “Hammerskins Nation” movement founded in 1988 in the United States. Its German branch, which has 130 members, plays a “leading role on the far-right scene in Europe”, underlines the ministry press release.

The propagation of a racial theory based on Nazi ideology is at the heart of the small group’s action, via concerts or broadcasts of sound recordings and the sale of anti-Semitic objects. Its members around the world refer to themselves as “brothers” and consider themselves the “elite” of the far-right skinhead scene, according to Berlin.

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