Radio France unions ask not to fire the comedian

Suspended for three weeks by Radio France, Guillaume Meurice is awaiting a possible sanction which could go as far as dismissal. The unions of Radio France and the editorial staff of France Inter asked their management this Thursday to renounce “a decision to dismiss” the comedian, believing that this “would create a serious precedent” for “freedom of expression” .

The day before, the France Inter columnist announced his summons to a disciplinary committee on May 30 with a view to possible dismissal for serious misconduct, after the reiteration of controversial remarks about Benyamin Netanyahu.

“An iconic show” attacked

Despite a strike in support of Guillaume Meurice on May 12, “France Inter and Radio France persist in attacking humor,” deplore the inter-union of the public group CFDT-CGT-FO-SNJ-UNSA-SUD in a press release. and the societies of journalists and producers of France Inter.

It is also “an emblematic show” which is “attacked” and “finds itself seriously weakened and destabilized, at the risk of causing its disappearance”, add these organizations regarding the program The great Sunday eveningwhere the comedian officiates and which Charline Vanhoenacker presents.

“Damaging consequences within teams”

“Deciding to go through with the procedure would damage the broadcast in addition to having damaging consequences within the teams,” they continue, believing that “the freedom to “laugh at everything”” is “on borrowed time.”

Guillaume Meurice was removed from the air on May 2, four days after having reiterated his controversial comments about Benjamin Netanyahu made at the end of October. He had compared the Israeli Prime Minister to a “kind of Nazi but without a foreskin”, which had earned him accusations of anti-Semitism and a complaint, recently dismissed. The disciplinary committee to which the comedian is summoned will meet on May 30 at 2:30 p.m.

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