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February is the Black History Month in North America, meanwhile it is also celebrated in Germany as Black History Month with various events. A reason for us to ask: What actually happened to the media debate about racism? It was intense in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests after the violent death of black American George Floyd almost three years ago. In Germany, too, numerous people protested against racism and police violence. Newspapers, broadcasters and online media in this country reported more about racism at the time. Media professionals asked those affected about their experiences, while journalists clarified and gave voice to voices that had previously rarely been heard in public discourse.

For those who had previously dealt with the subject, this was a positive development on the one hand. At the same time, the question that hung over everything for her was how sustainable this change would be.

The public debates of the time were often about whether this or that be racist at all, e.g. to use the N-word. Or whether there isn’t also racism against whites. The knowledge about structural racism was far from reaching all editorial offices. How has the media discourse developed? Communication scientist Nadia Zaboura and SZ author Nils Minkmar discuss this in the current episode of “quoted. der medienpodcast”. Guest: The journalist Noelle O’Brien-Coker (WDR, DLF and others).

“quoted. the media podcast” is a cooperation between the CIVIS Media Foundation for Integration and Cultural Diversity in Europe and the Süddeutsche Zeitung, funded by the Mercator Foundation.

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