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What is behind the term “cancel culture” and where the phenomenon is to be located politically is dealt with in a new episode of “quoted. der medienpodcast”. Guest: literature professor Adrian Daub.

The accusation that a cancel culture prevails here or there comes up fairly quickly in the political and media discourse these days. For example, when discriminatory terms or prejudices against entire sections of the population become the object of public disapproval, and when this in turn provokes critics who see the right to freedom of expression threatened and then to “virtue terror” and “discourse police ” to warn. Or who sense even worse, such as Eric Gujer, editor-in-chief of the New Zurich newspaperwho of a “new form of extremism” writes. But what exactly is behind all these accusations? Is there really a cancel culture? And what role does the media play in this context?

In the current episode of “quoted. der medienpodcast”, Nadia Zaboura and Nils Minkmar talk about this with Adrian Daub, Professor of Comparative Literature at Stanford University. His current book is called: “Cancel Culture Transfer. How a moral panic is gripping the world”. Daub says in an interview: “Cancel culture is not a creature of the right. It is actually a right-liberal to liberal press that is particularly interested in it. This means that quality journalism tends to circulate these faulty narratives instead of invalidating them. “

“quoted. the media podcast” is a cooperation between the CIVIS Media Foundation for Integration and Cultural Diversity in Europe and the Süddeutsche Zeitungfunded by the Mercator Foundation.

For further reading:

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