Quiz: Test your general knowledge – how smart are you?

Knowledge test, part 15
How good is your general knowledge? This quiz challenges you

How smart are you really? There are 17 questions waiting for you in this quiz!

Are you ready to test your general knowledge in our new quiz? Show us how educated you really are. But don’t worry: if you don’t know the answer exactly, guessing is of course allowed.

Summer is just around the corner and so is summer vacation for many. But in history there was a year that is called the “Year Without a Summer.” Back then it was very cold for several months in a row. Do you know the year? A little tip: A large volcano had erupted a year earlier.

Speaking of vacation: Can you tell right away which countries in the world drive on the left?

Also in keeping with the warm weather, we ask about refrigerators, more specifically about the coolants they contain. Do you know how their composition changed in the past?

17 quiz questions that test your general knowledge

In our general knowledge quiz at star That’s exactly what we want to know from you this week. But not only. It’s also about mathematical conversions, such as from yards to meters, as well as the musical instrument that Albert Einstein played and team strength in basketball.

Additionally, your photography skills will be put to the test. As well as your expertise in Low German formulations.

A total of 17 questions cover 17 different areas. From A to Z, from the earth’s core to outer space, from the Middle Ages to modern times. That is a promise, but also a challenge.

Compete with your friends: who can get more correct answers?

Our weekly quiz always offers new ideas to help you delve deeper into a topic. Some facts are also suitable for small talk with colleagues or for discussion at the next family gathering. To stimulate, to show off, to read on “Wikipedia”, to delve deeper, to “have heard it before”, to look it up in the “encyclopedia”.

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It’s best if you even join forces with friends, acquaintances and colleagues. You can solve the quiz together or have a little competition against each other. We would be happy if you tell us about your personal quiz experience and wish you much success!

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