Queen Máxima celebrates Willem-Alexander’s birthday with singing and dancing

Hip hip hooray! King Willem-Alexander celebrates his birthday on April 27th and as befits a Dutch monarch, it is celebrated with the people. It is traditional for the royal birthday child to travel to a different place with the family every year. There are not only thousands of onlookers waiting at the side of the road with flowers and gifts, but also numerous local exhibitors, restaurateurs and stands with games. The Oranjes take part in this with enthusiasm and to the delight of the observers. At the end of the tour of the city, the family enters a large stage. Queen Máxima strikes up a birthday song for her husband and everyone sings along.

After King’s Day 2020 could not take place in Maastricht due to the corona pandemic, the festivities will be made up there this year. Willem-Alexander and Máxima, as well as the rest of the family members, are delighted to finally be able to immerse themselves in the crowds again. The focus of many royal fans is not only on the royal couple but also on their daughters. Amalia, Alexia and Ariane have grown into beautiful young ladies in front of the public eye. Máxima and Willem-Alexander carefully introduced the three to their prominent role. And today they move very confidently when all eyes are on them. A great credit to the king and birthday boy.

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