Queen Elizabeth must crack down on Prince Andrew

Abuse process threatens
Now the Queen has to take the title away from her favorite son Andrew

Queen Elizabeth now has to crack down on Prince Andrew – even if he is her favorite son

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It was feared in the palace: The New York judge Lewis Kaplan has thrown off Prince Andrew’s appeal against a rape suit. Now the palace has to take drastic steps.

With the decision of Judge Lewis Kaplan on Wednesday afternoon, he sealed Prince Andrew’s royal fate. Because now a rape charge and even a trial is much closer. Queen Elizabeth’s second son’s lawyers tried to prevent this – but they failed.

In 2019, the prince withdrew from the public, but so far there has only been talk of a temporary break. A return is now impossible. The palace must renounce the fallen royal once and for all. So drastic that the Queen deprives her son of the title of Duke! They say Andrew is her favorite son, but royalty is about survival. It must not even begin to be associated with such allegations and give the impression that it protects an alleged rapist. The Queen is known for subordinating everything to duty for the Crown – including her family. And so she will make the right decisions.

Prince Andrew: Queen Elizabeth will consult with Charles and William

The impending lawsuit couldn’t come at a worse time. The Queen will celebrate her 70th anniversary this year. A record with which it will go down in history. So far, the 95-year-old has overcome crises with husband Prince Philip. But after his death in April 2021, the monarch has to do without him. She will no doubt seek advice from the heir to the throne, Charles and grandson William, the next two in line to the throne.

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