Queen Elizabeth II turns 96: No hustle and bustle on the day of honor

Status: 04/21/2022 10:38 a.m

The Queen only celebrates her “real” birthday in a small circle today. The next big appearance is planned for the 70th anniversary of the throne in June. According to grandson Harry, she is in top form – even if the house blessing is crooked.

By Gabi Biesinger, ARD Studio London

The biggest birthday surprise was probably given to the Queen on Maundy Thursday a week ago, when her grandson Harry stopped by Windsor for tea with his wife Meghan. Harry and Meghan left the royal family two years ago and now live in California.

Harry causes speculation

Queen Elizabeth had last seen Harry about a year ago. After the flying visit, Harry told American television that his grandmother was in top form: “It was great to see her again and to joke with her.”

However, he has a suspicion that birthdays could become boring. Harry then caused speculation with a small postscript that almost got lost in the reporter’s query: he wanted to make sure that the Queen was protected and had the right people around her.

Whom did he want to specifically attack with that, asked not only Roya Nikkhah, royal house expert from the Times: “Harry knows the media business very well, he knows what speculation he sets in motion with such a sentence – in palace circles, but also in the press . Who does he mean? Is he talking about family members, does he mean her advisors or the royal household? The Queen should now undoubtedly be allowed to choose who she surrounds herself with!”

Harry and Meghan are invited to attend the Queen’s 70th Jubilee celebrations in June. It is unclear whether they will come. Commentators feel they could steal the show from the Queen if they show up, especially if they follow along with such phrases.

Slightly skewed house blessing

The fact that the house blessing at the Windsors for the Queen’s 96th birthday is a bit wrong is also shown by the question of what role Prince Andrew may play in the future. After he prevented a trial in the United States for allegations of abuse by paying millions, the Queen apparently specifically chose him to appear at her side at the memorial service for Prince Philip at the end of March. Heir to the throne Charles and Prince William are said to have been “not amused”.

As for the health of the 96-year-old Queen, she is known to have trouble walking and is reluctant to use any walking aids in public, other than the occasional cane. When she went through a Covid infection in February, she was very exhausted, she recently admitted in a video link.

Queen works from the home office

Elizabeth II still works regularly from her home office. Here she congratulated the staff of a recently built hospital wing as “Record Builders”.

Queen biographer Robert Hardman sees it as reasonable that the queen is taking it easy, also with a view to possible public appearances at her throne jubilee in June: “Heir to the throne Charles will take more and more of her, but she is very determined to continue to fulfill her duties .”

The Queen turns 96

Gabi Biesinger, ARD London, April 21, 2022 9:48 a.m

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