Pure luxury: These are the ten longest yachts in the world

Long, longer, “Azzam”: With a length of 180 meters, the ship, which is owned by Abu Dhabi’s ruling family, is the largest private motor yacht in the world. Not only does she have the luxury in common with many of the other yachts, but also the builder: five of the ten largest yachts in the world come from the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen. In addition to the construction of naval ships, the traditional shipyard specializes in the manufacture of luxury yachts. The company was founded in 1875 and was initially known for building racing rowing boats. But just a few years after it was founded, in 1886, the world’s first motorboat was running. Client at that time: Gottfried Daimler.

Helipad must be

The difference to today: At six meters in length, the motorboat was significantly smaller and did not have the luxury that many ships have today. At least one landing pad for helicopters and a pool are now part of the basic equipment of the yachts. Fitness studios, cinemas or discotheques are also standard on many ships. And: They also offer space for a large number of guests on several decks, while the huge crew lives below deck.

closed society

As beautiful as the ships look from the outside, little is known about their interior design. Many of the ships belong to Sheikhs and their families in the Arabian Peninsula. However, two of the largest yachts are more or less ownerless right now. As a result of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, the European Union has imposed sanctions on many Russian oligarchs. Alischer Usmanow’s “Dilbar” is currently frozen and wrapped up in the Blohm+Voss dry dock in Hamburg and is not allowed to leave the Hanseatic city. Usmanov recently appealed the sanctions in court, but the lawsuit was dismissed.

Since the end of 2021, the “SY A”, the longest sail-assisted motor yacht in the world, has been stuck in the port of Trieste. Originally she was in the dry dock there due to upcoming maintenance work. The yacht belongs to oligarch Andrei Melnichenko and was confiscated by Italian authorities. Another legendary yacht did not quite make it into the list. With a length of 140 meters, the “Schehezarade” is two meters short of the top 10. It is unclear who owns the yacht, which was completed in 2020, but there are signs that it belongs to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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