Pullach – Prussian stamina – District of Munich

There is much talk of a turning point. Pullach already experienced something of this kind in 1996: At that time, the apparently unshakable dominance of older gentlemen from the CSU in local politics ended there. In the mayoral election of that year, the highest office in the Isar Valley community fell to a woman: Sabine Würthner from the FDP, Protestant, mother of four children. Prussian trademark: stand-up collar. The 81-year-old was a member of the Pullach municipal council for 26 years and was also deputy mayor, district councilor and district councillor. More stamina is hardly possible. Sabine Würthner has now been made an honorary citizen at a ceremony that was hardly inferior to the splendor of the Pullach New Year’s reception. She is thus in a row with the library founder Charlotte Dessecker or Erwin Deprosse, the well-respected community archivist. Würthner has been a “former mayor” before.

Many saw in her a woman for higher office

Your party would have liked to see the liberal model woman for higher offices. But Würthner preferred an intensive family life and a focus on her community environment to a political career. Although her name is not directly connected with large local projects; the opening of the community center took place at the time of her predecessor Ludwig Weber, the commissioning of geothermal energy at the time of Stefan Detig, her successor. However, during her tenure, Würthner placed strong emphasis on youth and social policy. Last but not least, she was a co-founder and chairwoman of the Isartal hospice association for 18 years. Würthner did his best to support the social welfare work, the adult education center, and neighborhood help. This is one of the reasons why the economist was awarded honorary citizenship by the municipal council. That was in September 2001; the pandemic prevented an earlier presentation of the certificate.

Today’s mayor of Pullach, Susanna Millennium (Greens), praised Sabine Würthner as a woman who “takes responsibility seriously”. Furthermore, Millennium Friends attested to the honorees’ “human approach” to problems, composure, a sense of proportion and perseverance. She is a “role model for the community”. Pastor Kurt Bordon, an old companion of the “Würthnerin”, gave a slightly humorous eulogy. The honorary posts of the ex-town hall chief, for which the hall rose to prolonged applause at the end, could not be listed, said the clergyman. He wanted to explicitly mention how she had always supported the interests of the old people’s home on Wiesenweg. It should be well known that Würthner was years ahead of her time in terms of transport policy – hardly anyone in Pullach has cycled more often than she has.

The new honorary citizen acknowledged the bow from all of Pullach in the community center, visibly touched: “I am grateful and happy for this overwhelming celebration.” Last but not least, she wanted to know that this applied to the exquisite musical performances of the evening.

Anyone who was allowed to spend a few hours with former mayor Sabine Würthner, be it on the election podium or on the plane to Bordeaux, from where it went on to the many friends in the twin town of Pauillac, met a reserved but approachable person. Her humor: “extra dry”. Your advisor: the voice of reason. And, before he died in 2014, her husband Lothar Würthner, also a politically clairvoyant analyst.

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