Pullach: marriage drama “Gift” in the community center – district of Munich

Marriages often fall apart when children die. Why is that? Mutual recriminations about guilt in death? Was it only the joint commitment that kept the partners together? Lot Vekemans’ piece “Gift” is a game about love and pain, a tentative search of two people for the possibility of accepting the past, finding peace in shared memories and allowing the familiar again. The Theater Poetenpack from Potsdam is showing the drama on Friday, January 27, in the Pullach community centre. The roles of the parents, who meet again after ten years at the place where their child is buried, are played by Simone Kabst and Andreas Hueck. No light fare, but the award-winning and internationally successful piece repeatedly sparks comic moments in the deepest tragedy of life. The performance starts at 8 p.m. Maps are available at www.buergerhaus-pullach.de.

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